Euro Caravan Covers

Protect your caravan from the elements. Using a triple layer SFS material to protect from the outside and a soft non-abrasive inside layer to prevent scratches and rubbing of paintwork, you will have peace of mind that your caravan will remain in the condition that you left it, especially over the long winter period.

Buy with confidence.
This product comes with an extended two year warranty.

Three Layer Ultimate Protection
This advanced material is designed with three layers that work together to prevent any damage or harm to the surface of your vehicle.

UV Protection
A soft, yet durable outer layer reflects the sun's harmful rays.

Breathable Material
This storage cover uses a breathable material to help reduce condensation when protecting your vehicle.

Rain Resistant
This storage cover is rain resistant.

Airborne Dirt Protection
This storage cover with will protect your vehicle from any airborne dirt.

Frost & Snow Protection
This storage cover is protected from frost & snow damage.

Tree Sap Protection
This storage cover protects your vehicle against tree sap stickiness and residue.

  • Keeps your caravan clean and mildew free
  • Triple layer SFS material beads water on contact affording maximum resistance to rainfall and snow
  • Breathable – water and condensation under the cover can easily escape
  • Reduces internal heat build-up in the caravan and protects internal furnishings from the fading effects of the sun
  • UV stabilized
  • Tough and interlocking 4 ply seams with rot proof thread
  • Soft and lightweight – will not scratch caravan
  • Elasticated hem provides easy universal fitting
  • 4 zippers make the caravan cover easier to put on and take off and offers access to both sides of the caravan
  • Sewn-in, quick release buckles for easy installation and removal
  • Suits caravans up to 250 cm wide and 246 cm high
Model Code Metric Measurement Imperial Conversion Width Height
Euro Caravan Cover 9120000884 400-450 cm 13'1" to 14'9"  250 cm 218 cm
Euro Caravan Cover 9120000885 450-500 cm 14'9" to 16'4" 250 cm 218 cm
Euro Caravan Cover 9120000886 500-550 cm 16'4" to 18' 250 cm 218 cm
Euro Caravan Cover 9120000887 550-600 cm 18' to 19'8" 250 cm 218 cm
Euro Caravan Cover 9120000888 600-650 cm 19'8" to 21'3" 250 cm 218 cm
Euro Caravan Cover 9120000889 650-700 cm 21'3" to 22'11" 250 cm 218 cm
Euro Caravan Cover 9120000890 700-750 cm 22'11" to 24'7" 250 cm 218 cm
Euro Caravan Cover 9120000891 750-800 cm 24'7" to 26'3" 250 cm 218 cm
Euro Caravan Cover 9120000892 800-850 cm 26'3" to 27'10" 250 cm 218 cm

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