Midnight Tempest Electric Kettle

Ensure you always have hot water for that morning cup of coffee or to prepare noodles for your evening meal. This low wattage stainless steel electric kettle ideal for use on camping and caravan sites.

Campsite Ready 1000W
This product is campsite ready/safe with a 1000W power rating.

1.0L Capacity
This product has a 1.0L maximum capacity.

UK 3-Pin Plug
Uses BS 1363 common single-phase AC power plugs and sockets that are used in the United Kingdom.

Food Grade
This product uses a material deemed safe for food contact.

  • 1.7 l capacity
  • 1000 W Stainless steel 
  • Concealed element 
  • 360° cordless
  • Available in UK 3-pin
Model Colour/Finish Code
Midnight Tempest Electric Kettle Midnight Blue 9120001386