What a fantastic space - room for everybody!
Richard W.
Holiday Snaps – Richard Woodley - Quote
Fantastic space and well lit of an evening.
Richard W.
Holiday Snaps – Richard Woodley - Quote
My family and I had a nice time at Fehmarn Belt Camping with our Studland AIR Pro for the second time. Last year we had a stormy and rainy night with a wind speed of 60 miles. Our tent kept on it's place and inside we felt safe. This year we had some nice parties with 10 people - it was fantastic.
Jochen R.
Holiday Snaps – Jochen Reimann - Quote
We just had 2 weeks of camping with our 5 kids across two camp sites in Derbyshire and Herefordshire. As Britain's Tallest Couple, with quite tall kids, this tent provided all the space we needed. It was easy to pitch and withstood heavy rains and high winds. Can't wait to go camping again.
Keisha v. K.B
Holiday Snaps – Keisha van Kleef-Bolton - Quote

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