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Kampa Cross AIR

Inflatable drive-away awning, 3 m width

Utilizing the convenience of the innovative Kampa Air Frame, Cross AIR's steep walls provide a spacious living area. The cleverly designed front panel incorporates a 'D' door that can be half or fully rolled back, while cover from a large canopy provides weather protected access. The Cross AIR comes with a clip-in groundsheet, windows with blinds for privacy, and mesh panels throughout.

Art nr: 9120001236

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Fully waterproof
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Fully waterproof

Tested to withstand 200 liters of water per hour per sqm, which exceeds London's average of 70 liters per hour in its wettest month.

Kampa Action AIR, Cross AIR, Touring AIR, Trip AIR, Sprint AIR (2022 range) - Operating Manual EMEA16

Operating Manual

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