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What awning spare part kits do you recommend?

We recommend that a comprehensive spares kit is kept with your awning.

This should include:

  • Awning Cleaner – Kampa Awning & Tent Cleaner will make light work of dirt and other marks.
  • Waterproofing Spray – If you suspect the awning is leaking, Kampa Awning & Tent Protector spray is the quickest way to ensure that the material is watertight. Once applied, any leaks should be immediately resolved. From experience, the vast majority of leak reports are actually condensation. If leaking continues, it is most likely condensation.
  • Seam Sealer – If you suspect the awning is leaking at a specific stitching point, it is best to use seam sealer which should resolve any issues.
  • Repair Tape – Kampa repair tape can be used to temporarily resolve an Air-Pole issues on site before a more permanent solution can be made, as well as repairs to awning windows and flysheet.
  • Spare pegs – These should include pegs for both soft and hard standing pitches.