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What drive-away awning will fit my campervan/motorhome?

Kampa drive-away awnings are designed to suit a wide variety of campervans and motorhomes.


A variety of awning tunnel heights are available within the Kampa drive-away awning range to suit a wide variety of different vehicle connection heights. The table below shows the tunnel heights for the majority of the current range.

The connection height is adjustable from the use of tunnel tensioning straps and adjustable pegging straps, located on the rear tunnel of the awning. Taller vehicles will use require less tensioning, shorter vehicles will require more. The main body of the awning will always sit flush.

i: Connecting tunnels are universal fit, this means they will work better on some vehicles than others.

The tunnel is a convenience feature to allow the you to stay dry when accessing the awning from and to the vehicle. Many factors influence the performance of the tunnel including the parking distance which varies each time the customer returns to the awning, pegging of the tunnel and good use of the adjustment straps. As it is a universal fit rain can still potentially access the tunnel of the awning where the tunnel is not tight to the vehicle. You should expect bagginess in the tunnel which can lead to collection of water during periods of rain.

Models Version To Fit

  • Travel Pod Cross AIR & TG Both 180-210 cm
  • Travel Pod Action, Trip AIR & Poled 180-210 cm
  • Travel Pod Touring AIR TC 180-210 cm
  • Travel Pod Touring AIR 180-210 cm
  • Travel Pod Tailgater AIR & Poled 160-210 cm



The width of the awning tunnel is dependent upon the size of the vehicle and the needs of the customer. Various sizes are available within the range. When choosing the customer needs to consider the following.

Door position

Room in the tunnel for the door to open?

Kampa drive-away awnings can cross windows and doors without issue, however accessibility to these parts may be limited.