Kampa Bunkie

Camping bed

The Dometic Bunkie Bed features an over-sized strong steel frame and additional supports to ensure the bed is exceptionally stable. The Dometic Bunkie Bed can support a total of 200 kg / 375 pounds across the top, and bottom bunks of the bed. This allows you to expand the usable space in your tent. The powder coated steel frame and durable 600D polyester bed support your body and ensure a comfortable night's sleep.
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art.nr : 9120000571
Kampa Bunkie
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    • Oversized strong steel frame.
    • Durable 600D polyester fabric.
    • Exceptionally stable due to additional supports.
    • Integrated soft-touch pillows.
    • 375 lb weight capacity (200 lb bottom bunk and 175 lb top bunk).
    • Comes complete with strong carry bag.


SKU-nummer 9120000571 
Modell på etikett Bunkie Bed 
Leveringsomfang 1 camp bed; 1 manual; 1 carry bag 
Produktbeskrivelse Camping bed 
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Nettovekt 16.88 kg
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