Inflatable Horsebox Awning


Collaborating for the first time with Britain’s leading trailer manufacturer, Ifor Williams Trailers (IWT), the two British based firms have a developed the first inflatable horsebox awning. Designed specifically for use in tandem with the new HBX horseboxes, equestrians are now able to shelter from the elements during events and shows with the additional opportunity of overnight accommodation. IWT was nominated for the new awning in the Vehicles and Trailers category of the Equitana Innovation Award 2019. 

As IWT detail on their website, the new awning has been manufactured by Kampa and can be inflated in less than 15 minutes, with the option of a host of comfort extras including cushioned carpet and inner tent with sleeping space for two.

Ifor Williams Trailers showcased the product in March at the Equitana Innovationspreis 2019 – an exhibition held in Essen, Germany, believed to be the largest of its kind in the world. The firm displayed two awnings during the event, one with the HBX511 and another accompanying the HBX506, alongside the full range of optional accessories.

Simon Johnson, IWT’s national account manager for European Sales, said: “The most significant point about our entry is that it is the first time an awning has been associated with a horsebox, certainly in Europe. We have taken technology from the camping industry and created a highly practical accessory that will assist equestrians in all weather.

“In this respect it is very innovative and it gives us an opportunity to sell a unique feature that our competitors currently do not have. In such a competitive market any advantage or unique selling point is most welcome.”

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